Sunday, April 19, 2009

Round Maskelyne Island Tour

Day-1. Pick up from Lamap airport and taken by speed boat to ‘Ringi tu su’ giant clam shell conservation area. Board your selected vessel and head to Sakoa ‘Garden Island’ Tour and tastes, with swimming in secluded beaches along the way. Camp at sandbeach at the estuary of mud crab creek.
Day-2. Travel to Bagatelle Island, beach and reef fringed tropical island with ruins from time before. Lunch at Ayom a remote village, climb atop of the rocky outcrop to view the whole Maskelynes. Head to Vulae to a private beach camp.
Day-3, Wake up to the sun rising over the Sugarlump reef plateau. Visit a turtle nesting beach, swim in sheltered lagoons. Head to Malaflaf point to camp with the opportunity of a night snorkel.


  1. Just got back from the camping adventure. Amazing beaches, beautiful bushwalks and great fresh seafood! Thanks to Malterri our tour guide for a trip of a lifetime!

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