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Reef Island Life

Reef Island Life

The Maskelyne Island community, in conjunction with the Vanuatu Kaljarol Senta, are glad to be hosting the South Malekula Kastom Festival “Reef Island Life”

October 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2009

A three-day festive insight in to the ancient traditions of the Small Nambas,
and the living culture of South Malekula.

Malekula is made up of the most culturally and linguistically diverse islands of Vanuatu.

Participants from the surrounding islands of South Malekula will be making the day long voyage to converge on Sangalai Harbour, on Maskelyne Island on
Thursday 1st October 2009.

The participants will be following historical trade routes, to come together and be part of the three-day cultural celebration.

Maskelyne Island is a small island, which takes less than one hour to circumnavigate. Three villages are linked with shady paths, bordered by lush rainforest that hold an array of birds. The island is perched on an extensive reef shelf that is dissected by channels and lagoons, and is home to many ocean species and includes conservation sites for the Giant Clam.

The festival will be hosted in a new village daily, and visitors will be taken to each village by the local village chief. There visitors will be invited to participate in workshops and displays of weaving, carving, coconut scratching, canoe building and sailing amongst other cultural activities.

There will be plenty of opportunities for visitors to explore the island.
Visitors can take a guided tour on a traditional canoe to the outer reef, or just relax on the sand beaches and absorb the relaxed, island ambiance.

Evenings will be spent together at Sangalai point where a Melanesian feast will be shared by fire-light, followed by kastom performances and storytelling.

Bungalow accommodation is available on the island. Bookings need to be
pre-arranged as numbers are limited. A secluded campground is available on the pristine white sand beach of Malaflaf, and village stays can be arranged.

Tickets will be available at the Vanuatu Kaljarol Senta in Port Vila and Wrecks to Rain forest in Santo, in July 2009.

For more information please Contact Anna and Liam on

Ph: 7765302 or 5484597

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