Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Culture Festival Firestick

Chief Kalmet, the president of the council of chiefs Maskelyne Island, has received the fire stick from the Malekula Cultural Centre giving the Maskelynes the right to hold a festival celebrating the culture of South Malekula. The chief along with others are excited to be apart of this festival. He said;

‘Tribes of South Malekula share similar languages, traditions and families. This festival will give our children the chance to see their other families’ customs and for us celebrate together.’

Participants from the main island and surrounding islands of Malekula will be making the day long voyage to converge on Sangalai Harbour, on Maskelyne Island on
Thursday 1st October 2009.

The participants will be following historical trade routes, to come together and be part of the three-day cultural celebration.

The festival will be hosted in a new village daily, and visitors will be taken to each village by the local village chief. There visitors will witness Smol Nambas Kastom Dance and will be invited to participate in interactive workshops and displays of weaving, carving, coconut scratching, canoe building and sailing amongst other cultural activities.

There will be plenty of opportunities for visitors to explore the island.
Visitors can take a guided tour on a traditional canoe to the Giant Clam reserve, the outer reef, or just relax on the sand beaches and absorb the relaxed island ambiance.

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  1. Are you ready for the real thing? We recently spent a week at pellongk on the waters edge and were thrilled. Back to basics with the locals and in touch with their surroundings was so refreshing.Their hospitality was endless and we were feed nearly entirely from local produce daily. Great value and a must for the adventurist. Cant wait to see the new bungalow. Well done and thankyou pellongk and Maltry.